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    I recently read that “A lot of the cravings in withdrawal are caused by low blood sugar; your body is used to 1,000 calories or more of empty sugar from alcohol and has adjusted to working with that every day, and suddenly it’s not there anymore.”

    It was suggested that adjusting your diet and getting vitamin supplements to balance out your blood sugar levels and improve your health can help recovering alcoholics with cravings.

    I’ve heard that B-12 can help with the feelings of guilt. (sounds weird, but I saw it on House so it must be true! Ha, ha!)

    I’ve heard that Omega 3 supplements can help with stress. (Dr Oz on Oprah)

    I read that “Niacin can kill a craving pretty quickly when coupled with Glutamine, an amino acid which also controls blood sugar”… (seems to be from the book Seven Weeks to Sobriety).

    I was just wondering if anyone has explored any of this. I haven’t looked into it in detail yet but I think it sounds helpful. I like focusing on improving my health as a way of abstaining from alcohol.

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