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    Had my staff meeting today with all my co-workers and all they did was chat up the idea that my co-workers are having these Holiday parties on Friday night. Ummmmmm…. not for me. Thank God my friend and Co-worker is also in AA and sober so we can both bail on the entire idea. I think it is nice to invite everyone but all they did was talk about beer, wine etc…. it made me think wow! I don’t care to drink, don’t care to even think about it. This sober me is wonderful although at times I think why can’t i just be a social drinker, and then it hits me. BECAUSE YOU ARE A DRUNK MAN! hahahahaha that one is easy. Hope all my kats on this 12 Step National Meetings. Road to recovery are doing well during these trying times. I know during the holidays i hit this site up a lot and go to AA more than usual. I always have a 5am Tee time at the gym, that’s my reward for living a clean- sober life. I am however slowly addicted to 5 hr energy drinks to get the weights going in the am, but hell it could be a lot worse. Love ya all. :a043::ring

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