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    i had my blood tests last week and got the results today

    four months ago i had yellow eyes,bloated face and red viens all over my face to name but a few of my probs

    now four months later my enzymes have gone from a very life threatening 149 down till 51 and well on the way to the normal 44

    my eyes are nearly white and my face is still chubby as i’m not really a slim jim but its not bloated and the viens or fading away

    now people i’m not strong willed or clever so why should you listen to me you might ask

    right think along the lines my crazy brain thinks lol

    if i owned a car and a guy a right brainy guy said oh my your phoo phoo takieon beam quantem influx capasitator is malfunctioning i would think oh crap i cant do that

    but if there was a numb nuts like me and he said if you hit that red thing with a hammer and turn that screw if will work ,i did it on mine and it was fixed i would think well if that moron can do it so can i

    well guys i am that moron,i’m not strong willed i’m not really a member of the god squad all i have had to stop me drinking is you guys:c031:

    and the very fact i dont want my kids to watch me die

    so if i can do this …you guys can do it ,i cant remember ever feeling ths well

    you can too :c031:

    if any one has any idea’s how i can raise my good cholesterol levels that would be great :c031:

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