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    I quit drinking June 27th of this year. I posted my story here a couple months ago and got a lot of positive reinforcement. Thank you.

    Now that I’ve been off the devil drink for 4 months, I’m trying to knock out two other bad habits. Marijuana and tobacco. I started smoking weed again about 2 months after I quit booze, and I haven’t let up. In fact, my smoking has gotten heavier. I’m also trying to give up cigarettes and failing day after day.

    I think I’ve become so excited with quitting drinking that I’m thinking I can quit anything. My problem is really with the damn cigarettes. Stopping marijuana use is not very hard for me, luckily, and I seem to do it naturally for a few weeks at a time here and there without missing it too much, but every day seems like such a chore when you’re trying to break a nicotine habit. I tried using nicotine replacement in the form of gum, but I feel that kept me hooked and led me back to smoking..although it was a great relief for the first few days.

    These cigs are really the worst thing for me right now. I’m in otherwise perfect health. They are driving me crazy and I wish I never started smoking in college.

    It just seems they really fill that gap, that angst, anxiety, pressure. I’m a pretty restless person and I start pulling my hair out when I can’t pull drags on a ciggie. ANYONE WITH ME?! I just don’t understand all these normal people I see every day just working for hours and hours on end, never needing anything but food and water. I wish that was me. I can’t focus if I can’t take a break for DRUGS. DAMNIT.

    good luck to you to all.

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