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    I’m beginning my 7th day and last night was ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. Couldn’t sleep at all. Probably one of the worst nights since I quit taking this dreadful stuff (5-7 norco 10/325 per day). My 1000 thread count sheets felt like 400grit sand paper. RLS out the wazoo… tossed and turned and tossed and turned and tossed and turned…. you get the idea

    Just yesterday I posted about how good I slept the night before and I thought I was over the really rough (physical) part. But, after last night I’m not so sure. One encouraging thing was the complete lack of “craving” my pain medicine even though it’s in the bathroom cabinet. I probably slept 1-2 hours total (not solid) and around 5 this morning I had had enough. Got up, took a long hot shower and then just chilled till the house woke. (got my dose of antiques roadshow :D)

    is it normal to have “episodes” like that? if so how long does that miserable feeling usually last? I can’t wait to get back to NORMAL

    thanks and any advice is welcome and appreciated.


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