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    HELLO EVERYONE. IVE BEEN ON AND OFF OF HERE FOR A WHILE BEVER REALLY POST MUCH BUT NEED SOME SUPORT.IVE BEEN ON OPIATES FR THE PAST 2-3 YEARS. STARTED WHEN I WAS RXed 10mg lortabs for surgery twice.i thn relised how much i liked em and hit the streets for more. then found oxys. i was on those for a about a year until i realise i needed help. so i found a suboxone doctor in socal. was on those for awhile then found oxys again. did it all over and went back to subs. i then tried quiting subs,alomost made it and then did and oxy and we all no wat 1 leeds to 2 and o on. i go introduced to heroin and have recently (maybe 3 weeks) ave been shooting it up since. i feel like its never ending . i have some subs but i cant get myself to wait for the withdrals to take em. its just the same **** different day. every day i say tomm. ill take my subs, tomm, tomm,tomm its always tomm. … i know what i need to do but ijust cant…..please help

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