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    Well an update on my first post, I am currently onto day 3 of no Nurofen +
    which is a massive step from 3yrs of taking 20-50 or more a day.. on the last day i took it i ended up having every last one a i had in the house, which was 40 of them.. since then i have not had another one. i am feeling 10x’s better than i thought i would be, and what i have found a big help, keeping active so i don’t feel like absolute ****!! :c031:

    I must add, i am having some bad cravings for it and at night i do get pains in my legs and have trouble getting comfortable and toss and turn for hours and the worst pain i have is my back, which is due to sciatca, i am not used to the pain from it as that only happened a few months ago, but i am just putting up with it

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