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    I posted in the newcomers forum the other day. Im 24 female and back living at home after 7 years of being with my partner. He was my employer, we had a company car and a lovely house. I moved back home with nothing, no car, no job and no partner. I also suffer from panic attacks, tachycardia and anxiety to boot!. So I turned to drink, it started off as a few drinks on a friday night and then i realised when i had a drink i could be normal, eat, laugh, chat. So I upped from there, to a quick drink in the morning, lunch, etc untill i got to hardened vodka drinking.

    I was hiding it in my room on top of my wardrobe and also in lucozade bottles which i could take downstairs with me (hoping noone would want a sip!).

    Anyway long story kind of short im seeking help now and have been to a doctor, im on vit b tablets and alsorts of other stuff. And im starting a detox next week on librium (sp?) ive been told to cut down and ive gone from 6-7 bottles of wine a day to 3.

    Im just really struggling at the moment as my parents have cut down my percentage from 14 to 9 and im wanting another bottle as i find its not enough. Anyway this caused a huge row last night and my dad told me to get out of the house within 2 weeks.

    Its all sorted this morning but im still struggling. Im going to AA meetings but i just think its too soon to go from so much to so little too soon, but my parents dont understand.

    anyway sorry to rant!

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