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    I would like to thank the 12 Step National Meetings community for 1 full month of sobriety! This site has added needed support to help me battle my drinking issues. I know I have been risky this month because July has always been a very heavy drinking month for me in the past, and I still lived life like normal, went to parties, went to events where drinking would normally be my primary focus, and even had a weekend in Vegas. But I did not drink even after being offered numerous beers and cocktails, and asked why I am not drinking like normal numerous times.

    I have thought about drinking on 2 or 3 occassions. One 2 nights ago and I thought I was going to be driving about 3 hours home alone, and I knew my wife would be gone for the next day and I wouldn’t see her for about 24 hours, but I just remembered back to how bad I felt the last time, and all the reasons I wanted to stay sober, and it worked, then I checked out this site on my iphone, read a couple of posts, and got my mind right.

    So thank you again for the wonderful site, it has been a tremendous tool that I wish I would have found a long time ago!! 1 month down, and the rest of my life to go!!:a122:

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