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    So as many of you may have read, I dealt with some anxiety while on a business trip recently. It was hard, those couple days dealing with my last worst trigger the social drink, but the moments came and went.

    I am now back and happy to report that something really has changed for the better within me. When I got back, all my new habits came back quickly and my thoughts of beer were gone. With each passing month that I go further into sobriety the stronger I feel about not drinking.

    It may be absurd to say too soon but “normal” is starting to be not drinking. For years, all I knew was imbibing. Now, the daily quest for Beer has been replaced, I’m not really sure with what but at least I no longer obsess over it like I used to.

    I expect I’ll still have moments like my recent trip that will give me a “Thinking Problem” but with each day the idea of drinking gets more and more remote.

    It is with relief that I sit here and think how far I’ve come and how I never want to go back to the daily grind of Alcoholism again.

    To all of you out there still struggling, be strong, you are not alone.

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