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    … and on the third day –
    she got the flu.

    Not the oh, cough cough I might be sick flu…

    the OMG it’s nothing short of CHOLERA … or EBOLA …. flu.

    Have been texting constantly with son #2.
    (Hah-PAH-na for those Sioux-ishly inclined)
    Son # 1 – not so much.

    There’s areas we’re staying well clear of for the present.
    Things are mostly ‘catch – up’ but I hven’t SPOKEN with either son yet.

    With PTSD, And the other nervous disorders,
    I have had to make my world a very small place
    in order to function.
    I’ll know when it’s time to hear the voice.

    I write far better than I speak.
    When I get nervous, and try to sperak,
    words tumble over each other
    and people often don’t understand what i’m saying.
    I jump from topic to topic and it’s
    just a headache waiting to happen.

    Actually –
    when I talk –
    people in the group sometimes say
    that listening to me
    must be what it was like
    to listen to Dr. Bob.

    for what THAT’S worth – LOL

    So maybe that’s a part of alcoholism I don’t know?

    ANYHOO _

    Just wanted to update everyone
    and thank everyone for such warm responses to my thread.

    I knew it’d be a harder road with my oldest-
    he is like I am now.
    my youngest…
    well, if I have a soul mate… it’s him.

    I used to call them –
    “One is my little shadow,
    the other is my little MIRROR’.

    I have all the rest of my life to wait.

    Thank you all!:You_Rock_

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