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    Life is beautiful!! Tomorrow marks the anniversary of the day I changed my life forever.It is much more for me than just being clean, it is a new outlook on life that embraces recovery and changing the things in me that put me in the world of abusing myself.I have learned to let go of years of resentment, and love those people.I have learned to love myself and be a better mother.I learned so much and I feel so different.
    I have faced many storms in my life, and have no regrets.Facing the pain has made me see it doesn’t have to weigh me down anymore.
    If you are new to recovery, do yourself a favor and take time to learn from this experience.Learn about yourself, and how beautiful forgiveness and love of self can be.Everything in my life has more meaning because I am free from the chains of self neglect.I only wish to give another person in recovery the same hope I had a year ago, and the strength to keep fighting.It is so worth it!!:day4

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