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    I really can’t believe I am going on a year clean from a substance I was so addicted to. I never thought I would be able to do it.

    In the begining the cravings for my DOC; Adderall; were so overwhelming. Every morning I would get up and look at the phone wanting to call the dr. that prescribed me the pills for almost 3 years. The cravings decreased over time.

    I have damage to my heart (slight) and finger tics that won’t go away. I rub my thumb and ring finger together constantly. My Pdoc who has been wondeful; told me it is going to take time for them to go away because my brain chemicals are still very wacked up. I really did a job on myself.

    I decided to stay clean because I couldn’t be a mother, a wife, and an addict. I was so close to losing everything..

    I’m just posting this to remind people there is hope. If I can stay clean; anyone can.

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