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    It is one year today that I quit drinking. I want to thank God, my family, my friends and all the support I have gotten through this site. My counselor told me that it is quite an accomplishment to have done this without the help of A.A. She also told me that only 5% of people quit drinking for good.

    I feel so lucky that I have reached this day. It has been a long year. And it was not that hard of a fight for me because I was so strong. I think by working in the bars and seeing how people get so drunk reaffirmed my commitment every week. For the most part I feel good. I still deal with anxiety every day but I have learned to cope with it. I have lost wieght and look good. I still don’t sleep well but it has gotten better.

    To those who are trying to quit or have just quit. Keep the faith. It does get better. Peace.

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