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    I’ve been abusing opiates for a number of months now…probably around 8 or 9. I started with percocets and worked my way up to dilaudid, fentanyl, and eventually heroin. I’ve also been taking suboxone recreationally and to get rid of withdraw symptoms, which at times have been horrible (stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc). I’ve done heroin twice, a few bags each time. I think I’m going to do it again pretty soon. My fiancee has been an addict for 10 years and he’s been talking about getting it again within the next couple of weeks because he’s going to be getting some extra money. I know ill do it with him if he gets it, which is pretty likely. I’ve been thinking about going to the doctor and just getting suboxone instead of all this other stuff. I use my fiancee’s suboxone anyway. I don’t know if they’d give it to me or not though.

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