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    Ultimately it will be my decision, however I would like some opinions from others.

    I just finished a 60 day rehab (AMAZING program) last night. I had some home issues arise and began feeling depressed. I wanted to drink…bad. So bad I could almost taste it. But I didn’t. I decided that I would stay sober for that day (Just for today mentality). I went to bed, woke up and was still fighting some pretty bad cravings. I went about my day running errands and such, still using coping skills and trying to take my mind off alcohol. I came home and continued using the tools I learned from the program I returned from. I began throwing out old pills just to rid myself of temptations. I came across an old bottle of diazepam with 3 5mg pills. As I’ve had recent back pain, I took them. Never really thought of the effect of them until afterwards when I felt sorta loopy, which continued to trigger me towards alcohol. However, I did not drink, nor have I touched any other substance. I even called a friend in recovery who picked me up and we went to a meeting. When I came clean with all of this at the meeting, the chair person (who also happens to be my temp sponsor) told me that I had to start over on days now…I tried to explain the circumstances, however she stated that it was a relapse.

    I don’t really see it that way. I didn’t use it to get high, nor did I give in to temptation to drink (which was a rough battle). I am to get my 60 day chip tomorrow and I have worked very hard to get there, throughout my program and today. I see my sobriety date as the last day I had a drink and the first day I committed my life to fighting this disease of alcoholism. I’m just thrown back a bit about my sponsor saying that I basically have to start over at day 1 again.

    Anyone have any opinion on this? Apologize for it being so long, thank you for taking the time to read! 🙂

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