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    I need help with a guy that has recently entered my life. I’m having concerns that he’s using. I’ve never ever in my life been involved or around drug abuse, so I don’t have much knowledge on the subject. I’ve tried to research on the internet, but have found conflicting information. I’m writing in hopes of gaining some insight on my situation. A short while back (before I knew him), he was in a pretty severe car accident. His ankle was shattered and had to have surgery to place pins in it. He confided in me about being prescribed Percocet for the pain. I felt a little uneasy about the whole thing. He stated that after his prescription runs out in 2 months, he’s afraid that he’ll miss it. I completely understand and approve of Percocet being prescribed for medical reasons. I’m also completely aware that the medication can be extremely addictive, whether there was intentions of this or not. But, his statement really took a toll on me and made me think. He says that his ankle doesn’t even really hurt anymore, which leads me to assume that he’s hooked. I don’t believe in changing a person, but I told him that I wouldn’t even consider dating him if he’s takes part in any kind of negative activity. It’s his prerogative if he wants to continue, but I won’t be there if he chooses that path. All in all, he decided enough is enough. He says that he wants to be with me and will do anything for me to make that happen. I’m glad he seeks encouragement in me to make him stop, but know that he ultimately has to do it for himself if he truly wants to get back to a healthy living. He spoke with his doctor about getting off of it and tells me that the doctor now gave him Suboxone to wean him off the Percocet. He says that all it takes is a week of the Suboxone and you’re free. It’s now day 6. I have not seen any withdrawal symptoms, but should I? I have an even deeper concern. He has these marks on the front of his forearm. There’s a mark on the vein of one arm and then a couple marks on the opposite arm. The one mark appeared in the beginning of our relationship when he told me that he had an HIV test. However, the place on the forearm where they drew the blood seemed odd to me. He said that they couldn’t find a good enough vein in soft spot where the elbow bends. I then didn’t really think anything of it and was actually glad he got tested. Weeks went by though and a band aid was still on. The other arm’s strange marks appeared after a Saturday night spent together. I slept over his place for the first time. He insisted on taking a shower before going to bed. He was in the bathroom for quite some time, but figured it was taking longer because we went for drinks and he was drunk. I was laying in bed by the time he was done. He went over to his ipod before playing a song and literally fell asleep in midst of changing the song. He’s done this nodding off a couple of times before. Sitting at dinner and signing receipts at the bar he’s had this in and out of consciousness look. His eyes are also always drowsy and blinks as if his eyelids are bricks all the time. The next day when we got together, another band aid showed up on his arm. I asked about it and he says that he’s being tested for elevated liver enzymes because of these swollen ankles he’s having. Once again, the nurse couldn’t find a large enough vein in the usual spot of the arm and was done on his forearm. He does have very swollen ankles to the point of cankles, which I read is a symptom of Suboxone. The same day I caught him with a pouch. He’s also trying to quit smoking. He tried to convince me that it was this new Nicorette gum and was also at the time spitting out his Gatorade after each sip because he said that it tasted funny. I knew all along what it really was, but he was lying to me and going off on these tangents. He later finally confessed. These “lies” are also a big problem. His stories often change and more than once about his past, daily activities, and even about his name. I decided I needed a break from him for a couple of days and didn’t see him to try to distance myself. I finally saw him last night. He didn’t have band aids, but there were now more small marks on his arm that were sort of scabbing. I brought it about and my opinions about the situation. He declares that he would never stick a needle in his arm and clearly I don’t know him enough. He has had past drug abuse with a binge on cocaine after his roommate committed suicide. His lying about where and what he was doing because of his cocaine addiction broke him and his last girlfriend up. I don’t know what to believe right now. I feel like I’m not in the position to accuse him of anything. He could very well be telling the truth about everything. I don’t want to turn my back because he’s such a great person and I feel so special when I’m with him. I don’t want to throw that all away if I’m wrong. I can’t call him out anymore because it’s only making us grow apart. Even if he is using, I can’t up and leave because I’ve already invested in him. I just don’t know what to do. I need answers either way.

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