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    A few nights ago, I ordered a virgin bloody mary (with extra horseradish- yum!) before my dinner. The server either didn’t hear me or misunderstood and asked if I wanted it with premium or standard bar vodka. I restated that I wanted it virgin and added (lightly) that I’d have a serious problem if my drink had any alcohol. It was my 77th day (I just calculated it) without a drop, and I intend to stay totally 100% alcohol-free forever. Some time later, I started thinking what if that drink was made with alcohol? I most likely would’ve had 2 to 3 heavy sips before realizing the alcohol. I’m sure I would not have taken another sip, but I sure as heck would’ve felt an alcohol buzz, and I probably would’ve been pretty upset (and maybe even scared).

    I suppose the whole point, besides sharing this experience, is that I’ve realized that I need to be more careful and alert when ordering a normally-alcoholic drink without the alcohol. Short of carrying an alcohol test kit :-), I think the best thing to do is to make certain that the server clearly hears and understands my non-alcohol drink order. I really, really don’t ever again want the slightest taste of alcohol and the slightest alcohol buzz…

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