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    Howdy all, I had almost three weeks and fell off the wagon hard! Then got three days and fell off less harshly. I’m smarting because I had a whirlwind of activity, a really long work week, long hours and an interview for a job I really want and I got my emotions toyed with by another alcoholic… Too much at once! I was doing well, underemployed- focusing on myself and doing okay with a very limited budget but using the extra time to take long walks, relax and take care of myself mentally- and staying sober. Then all of a sudden, I was required to live like a “normal” person! I fear I may not be ready. I was hospitalized for depression a few months ago and I’m kind of worried that I stress too easily still- I’m working on it but it doesn’t happen overnight, you know? I’ve been drinking too hard for too long and I want to stop, and I’ve had periods of sobriety here and there. I just don’t know how to handle feeling over whelmed. I finally gained access to anti depressants and a therapist- they help but I still have much to do on my own.

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