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    Not just a great Ratt album anymore!!

    The State of NM has decided that ol’ Tex is better off serving his fellow man, and to continue paying his taxes. At least for now. I swear, this crazy state.

    Anyway…since I’m still sober, and grateful for the reminder, I thought I’d take a moment to share something I learned…

    So many inside both jail and county detoxes and rehabs are truly good people. They just made some horrible mistakes while using. You can separate the good from the bad of course, but there are those who legitimately want to change their lives. So take a chance on a recovering person. If you’re using 12 step, practice #12 in your daily life. Volunteer to lead a meeting at your local jail or state run detox. I saw so many guys carrying around copies of the BB and reading them in their bunks. Some can’t even read, so they come and ask you to read to them. I read to a lot of people. I practiced service even while away. I could’ve spent that time building resentments, but instead I chose to become an example of someone who “accepts life on life’s terms.” Some were truly upset that I was getting out, because they wanted me to stay for them. It was a wakeup call for me to do more service.

    I missed you 12 Step National Meetings.

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