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    Ive been addicted to perc/OC/vics for about 6+mths. I need to snort a minimum of 30miligrams to function. I need atleast 60+ to get high. Im almost 2 days sober and very much feeling withdrawls. I dont even know if I can stay sober or honestly if I want to. Im just sick and tired of trying to get the pills…im going broke. Im having relationship problems and days like today where im so sick I just want to go pill hunting. Ive made 30 phone calls cant get anything and I just want to cry. I quit drinking mths ago ( was an alcoholic for 13yrs) but it seems harder to quit these pills. How long do withdrawls last? What works besides methadone and soboxin? Ive tried xanax and its not stoping my withdrawl. Im having the very bad dizzy feelings, feeling hot and cold, achy, runny nose, sneezing, unmotivated and depressed. I called a local hospital to see what help i can get, all they can do is admit me to detox, but i cant because of my job. They gave me a number to call to find doctors who prescribe soboxin, but its sunday and i cant get anyone. What can I do for right now to feel better? How does everyone stay off these pills? For me it feels hopeless. Any advise anyone can give me would be really appreciated.

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