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    Hey there everyone, i’ve been browsing sites like this one and others,but i’ve never made a post. Well here it goes, a little about me… Im 20 years old and have been abusing oxys/norcos for about 9 months. it all started when me and some friends were partying all the time over at my house,smoking pot and drinking with girls. Some where along the line we started buying what we were told were “30 mg percocets” the 30mg oxycodone instant release pills.. blues, roxis, perc 30’s, m’s, a’s. whatever you want to call them.. it started off as just a everyonce in a while thing and slowly escalated. i’m now up to taking atleast 1 a day just to feel normal and funtion so i can make it to work. but i can snort anywhere from 1-6 a day. ive tried to quit so many times but i always seem to go back to the pills. There ruining my life and i truley want to quit. I’ve tried cold turkey and i cant control the cravings. I came to this site in hope of some help and some support and just to talk to people who have been in this horrible place.. i think im going to goto the doctor and try to get some subutex or suboxone for short term use, since i know that, staying on that for a long time will give me worse withdrawals than the oxy. i just need to get off these devil pills, im loosing the trust of my familey and spending all my money on em.

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,

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