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    Hi – Ekat here, new to this site.

    After a devastating divorce, and a bucketload of depression and anxiety, I had hip-joint pain for which I was prescribed oxycodone. Well, it not only helped the pain, but tamed the anxiety that was eating a hole through my stomach.

    I’m now on 120 mg. of oxy a day, and my daughters have left me for a variety of reasons, but primarily inability to function.

    I want off of this drug, but it seems impossible. I’m crippled from anxiety, and practically live at my Dr.’s office (therapy, prescriptions, pain injections, pain management docs, etc.)

    I’m broke, exhausted, broken-hearted, unmotivated.

    I have no idea what to do. I have never had an addiction before.

    Last weekend, I ran out of oxy and my Dr. was on vacation (actually, she miscalculated the prescription, in all fairness.) 10 hours after the last dose, I was in severe withdrawal.

    I called an ambulance to take me to the hospital, where they gave me a shot of morphine. I never felt pain that severe in my life.

    Where do I go? Does anyone have any suggestions, insights, or anything to offer. I cannot tolerate being without this drug. C/T will kill me.

    Thank you and — hello.:c009:

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