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    Hello everyone. As the title says, 11 days ago I put those evil things down and went through what can only be called HELL ON EARTH. At about day 9 of feeling like I was going to die, I went to a dr. who put me on clonodine and ativan …one to help with my heart that was beating out of my chest and one to help with the extreme anxiety I’m feeling.

    Right now I feel so-so. I have a TREMENDOUS fear, however, that I’m not going to feel “happy” again. I can only attest that to my brain not being able to make its own dopamine anymore. Is there any truth to this? Will my body eventually start making all the natural chemicals that will make me feel human once again?

    As a background, I was taking about 240 mg of Oxycontin for two years for knee pain and surgeries.

    PLEASE…anyone with advice in this area would GREAT be helping me out. Thank you so much

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