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    Wow what a great community this is. I’ve been reading through the posts and everyone here is so supportive of each other.

    Let me start by saying that this isn’t my first rodeo with trying to kick oxy’s, but this has to be the last. I can’t keep going through all the ups and downs of oxy use/abuse. It has just become too much to keep looking and scoring pills only to run out and be craving them and withdrawing later. So, I quit. Today is day 3 of my abstinence from all pain meds. I’m doing this cold turkey with only advil for cramps and immodium for the stomach problems.

    About 6 months ago, I did the whole suboxone treatment because I was coming off of about 300mgs/day. Had a great job and plenty of money to play around with. But as we all know, that eventually runs out. So, I told my family what was going on with me and go myself to a doctor. Unfortunately, I fell off that wagon after about 2 months of treatment. And went back to the oxy’s, but not abusing them as badly as before. Over the past 4 months I have been using about 30-90 mgs/day. However, when I don’t use the withdrawals are almost as bad as when I stopped using 300mgs/day.

    I am truly committed this time to quitting as I have to do it. The cycle has become, like I said, too much to deal with. Anyone who has gone through this and successfully completed it, I would love to hear words of advice or wisdom. Thanks for making this such a great place for people to talk about their problems/addictions.

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