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    Wow I’ll tell you, I went Christmas Shopping today and I could not even remember three things in my head that were on the list to shop for…

    I wonder if I’m going through that PAWS syndrome again, because I feel like I can’t keep anything in my head for a long period of time and then I begin getting anxious and OCD about it… I’ve been sober for only 3 days you all may know..

    Recently went through a change in my life that my former stepfather finally left my home and is no longer around even though there’s still a chance he could be a danger to my family…

    Day 29 without Vicodin *I was addicted to three 750mg pills a day for a year* and … and … why am I talking so much, I don’t want to be the whiner of the boards again but I don’t know how else to explain it… I just want to be in control… a better control like I was in my past like even of a year ago, drat… drat drat drat.

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