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    Hi everyone I am new here so hi and thanks for having me.

    I have someone in AA who I am driving to meetings and to run errands a few times a week. This person is needy, pushy and self centered with about a month sobriety. They do not have a license or car.

    I do not have a lot in common with this person, but being that we are both in AA I could spend time with this person a couple days a week and it not be a big deal. This person calls every day expecting a ride and to hang out. While we get along, there are not really a lot of sparks, and at no point do I feel the friendship that “he is calling me because he really enjoys my company”. He is calling because he hates sitting at home , wants to go somewhere, etc. We have some mutual friends in AA. When he doesn’t get his way he deals with it by being whiny, laying a guilt trip out, or likely gossiping with another AAer (haven’t caught him doing this on me but he does whine about other people in the program to me that don’t wipe his chin). I have trouble finding things about this person that I RESPECT. There are many reasons for this but one of the top ones is he refuses to ride his bike or take a bus. I was without my license for over a year and took the bus or rode a bike many times.

    I feel that it is my duty to try to get this person to a meeting as often as possible, but no where else unless I want to. I wanted to get some opinions because the relationship is getting dangerously close to the “time to stop answering the phone” point.

    This is actually the second time in the program I have had a situation like this happen and it has made me a different person in some respects as far as opening up to people.

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