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    Hello Hello again, this thread is somewhat connected to the last one i posted, called: I have an issue. Well i went to that guys court date yesterday, because he had told me so many things and i was curious about how many of them were lies. I hardly talked to him, he was no threat to me, i was just curious. Probably wasnt the smartest thing to do, but i did it anyways. Anywho, he got called up to the stand, and the state called a witness, which was his probation officer, and started telling about all the things he had done, and how he has been manipulating the courts. And he kept looking back at his father and i, and scrunching up his face and shaking his head. Basically telling us that what she was saying was not true, anyways, that went VERY easy on him AGAIN, and he was able to walk out of there without going to jail. When i was walking to my car and he caught up with me, and told me that EVERYTHING she had said on the stand was a complete lie!!! A probation officer is NOT going to get in front of the judge and lie to the whole courtroom!! I understand that addicts lie, but i think he’s worse than a lying addict!! Is there some kind of medical name for compulsive liars?? Is there some kind of medication or treatment? Do they have a liars anonymous? haha But seriously, it makes me sick how much this person lies, and for some reason its kinda bothering me, cuz im starting to wonder what lies he has told me, and i really dont care. I was watching him up there, when he was in front of the judge, he was just sitting there, looking back at us scrunching his face and shaking his head. And he just made me sick. I know that is very harsh, but he made me sick. Anyways, i just wanted to get that off my chest. Does anyone else know someone who LITERALLY: CONSTANTLY lies?? :chatter


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