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    There have been some recent threads regarding alcoholism which have made me consider how important ones perception is to recovery.

    I am of the mindset that alcoholism is not a disease…my issues with alcohol fall squarely on my shoulders…I take responsibility for my past drinking including all the ramifications that ensued from my behavior. I also take full responsibility for my current and future sobriety.

    This perception lends itself to much ire when shared. I am genuinely curious as to why this is. I see disease everyday both mental and physical…in no way can my behavior surrounding alcohol be compared.

    I suppose I would like some feedback as to why some members reject personal responsibility as a solution to addictive behavior. In addition I am curious as to why on a forum as large as 12 Step National Meetings and so obviously filled with a myriad of different personality types would a few vocal members want to deny the role they played in their own problem. I don’t mean this to be disparaging in anyway and am sincerely hoping that I can glean some insight as to why personal responsibility is not in the forefront of individual recovery.


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