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    Hey all. I am 11 days sober and have had the elated feeling since quitting. I have been going to meetings, reading, calling my sponsor, participating in this site, etc… I have basically been on cloud 9 since quitting. Well, yesterday I started to feel a bit tired, irritable, dis-content, and basically just a little Pissssed off. I know the BB says that these feelings are often the catalyst for the first drink. I have not thought of drinking but I do notice that I have these feelings.

    I am looking for advice on how to combat these feelings. There is no real cause or reason, I think I’m just starting to feel real emotion and am no longer medicating it with booze. Normally when I’d feel like this it was a simple answer. It’s Monday night, there will be a football game on, just buy some whiskey, light a fire, and watch football. I actually had something to look forward to that would make this mood go away (even though it was an artificial fix it was nonetheless, a fix).

    I have prayed, asked my HP for help, and am going to a meeting in 30 minutes. I am just wanting to know what you guys do when you notice that you’re not in the best mood. How do you turn that around before it turns into a trigger?

    Thanks in advance everyone!


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