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    I’ve been sober a few years. I haven’t worked all the steps. I don’t have a sponsor. I moved to a new city about a year ago and didn’t bother to make any friends or get to know anyone here. (I never wanted to move here anyway)

    A few weeks ago, we spent time with my in-laws. They drink ALOT. I was surrounded with unattended glasses of wine and beer bottles. They poured the wine right in front of my face and discussed among each other how good it was. (I LOVED wine … it’s the only drink I enjoyed.)

    The temptation was there to steal a sip.

    But I never did.

    The smell never left my mind.

    I’ve been obsessing over it.

    My husband is going out of town this weekend. And in the back of my mind, I’ve been planning to get drunk. (“He’ll never know!”)

    Part of me wants to get drunk. I’ve been weighing the pros and cons of drinking.

    Then another part of me is scared to death, that I’m willing to consider “pros and cons” to ruining my life and hurting the one person who means the most to me. That tells me I’m a sick and selfish person.

    I’m getting stir crazy :wild

    I thought maybe if I share this “secret”, maybe it won’t be such a secret anymore?

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