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    I know Im gonna get my cyber arse kicked for what Im gonna say. Today at 6pm will be 96hours opiate “Norco” free. I was using 90mg daily. I have been drinking alcohol to numb the withdrawall effects. It has helped with sleep but it is not a smart thing for me. I was almost 10 years alcohol “former hardcore drinker” free untill I tried quitting these painkillers a month ago. The positive note though “96 hours clean from the damned Norco!”. I have a few beers left and have vowed not to buy anymore alcohol. That is one demon I should not be playing with, but the withdrawalls from the opiates were so painful I needed something. I think Im feeling the initial withdrawall symptoms beginning to subside minus insomnia and the worst “nerves in my hands and feet keeping me awake”. Oh I forgot to mention that Im not claiming a sobriety date untill Im done with the alcohol too.

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