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    greetings who ever is reading this,

    let me tell u right now, i just railed about 5 or 6 lines of coke and im ******, and yes cocaine is bomb and what not. but the thing is im only 17, and my family and friends are the ones who r suffering the most through my addiction, i want help, no i NEED help, i can’t do this anymore i want to quit but i cant, every weekend i end up in the crack house buying 100-200 bucks worth off cocaine and blowing it in one weekend, that’s a lot of money for a 17 year old with no job. my addiction has gotten so bad that i steal money from family and friends just to get high, i have even gone to so far as jumping people for their phones, ipods and wallet. i really don’t mean to, im not a bad kid, i always was the sporty kinda guy. my dad is ever so disappointed in me, my whole family hates me, please i just want someone to talk to, someone i can share my story with,

    Thanks, Gareth

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