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    Im going to be completely honest and say I managed to get a doctor to give me valium to help me sleep but really it was so I could get away from reality as we do. So ive taken it more than the ‘mild’ recommended dose. Sh!!!!!!!!t now i want a drink and I have that feeling of dont care, I want it. I didnt think taking these drugs would make me feel the urge to drink so badly. Trying so hard to ignore it but im so chilled and just want to get drunk. I know ill regret it but the overwhelming urge is scaring the crud out of me. Why did I put this in my way. Im 8 months sober tomorrow. Im farked, absolutely farked if I do it yet still the urge is soooo strong. :c021: I know im a complete bloody idiot for doing this, in all honestly I didnt think it would make me want to drink…not that abusing prescription drugs makes it ok. Sorry grrrrrr 🙁

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