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    Your thoughts determine the type of day you will have. Fill your mind with positive ideas, suggestions, and thoughts. You will find it will change your attitude and changing your attitude can change your life. We all have the choice when it comes to our own attitude – it can be positive or it can be negative, the choice is ours. Sometimes just reading an inspirational quote or a short writing focuses my thinking in a positive way.

    Today’s thought: Spread joy

    When your day is filled with troubles, rejoice! You’ve been given a challenge worthy of your strength, and one which will build that strength even more.

    Don’t wait for happiness and joy to come to you. Let them come from you. Spread joy and you will know joy. Pay no mind to the circumstances. They come and go. Let your joy transcend them and transform them. The troubles of the moment will soon be history. You, on the other hand, have the privilege of being alive and able to move beyond any past disappointment, no matter how severe.

    Fill your heart with joy and you’ll be amazed at how many positive possibilities suddenly pop into view. Put a smile on your face and watch your actions become more effective. Spread joy to your world and feel the warmth of it coming back to you.

    This is a great day to be alive. So be alive with joy and make it even better.

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