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    I was wondering if pot is addictive…I heard it wasn’t so I started using pot, I mean I had before…but I started using it more but I swear it’s addictive as well.
    I’m kind of relapsing now back into alcohol and opiates. I think I can function better on those, but those allow me to feel my depression worse I think…who knows really. Why do we call it depression…as if it’s this sickening entity, no I think it’s just a part of my being, my nature. Anyway…advice on how to stop drinking and opiates again? Or to stop pot…I think I need help in …well I think I need to go to meetings I mean…the problem is over my addictions I am a bit…narcissistic? primarily this only is true when it comes to any sort of “religious” treatment…yea totally don’t believe in that. Sorry I’m being so blunt I’m kind of drunk.

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