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    Hi everybody! I hope everyone is doing well.
    I’m Penny, recovering opiate/cocaine addict, one year clean.
    Some of you know my story here and the struggles I’ve been going through with my husband and his own addiction to weed.
    Well, this past week, he turned 40. He hasn’t worked but five days out of the last seven weeks, due to corners being cut right now at his job. Times are tough. Due to our $ situation, he hasn’t ‘smoked’ in a week.
    He told me the other day that he was ready to ‘grow up’ and to stop the weed. Well, I’ve heard it all before, but this time I think he’s serious.
    A couple days ago, his dad gave him cash for his b-day, and usually, the first thing he’d do is go and buy a bag….much to my surprise, he didn’t. He hasn’t smoked in 10 days now.
    I’m so proud of him and I pray he continues on this road. He’s ‘craving’ right now, but I’m affording him the same support he gave me.
    He has been smoking weed since he was 12 years old, so this is a big accomplishment for him.
    I hope that he stops. I’m so ready for a drug free life and home….with BOTH of us in recovery.:)
    Take care,


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