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    alright so i get off probation in a little less than a month. its exciting but its making me kind of nervous too. i hate to admit that there have been instances where the urge hit and the only thing that kept me from drinking was fear of being caught, because i am still subject to random screening. all my charges were alcohol related. if i did drink, and get caught, i have a suspended sentence of 178 days so more than likely, if not definitely-im not sure how it works, i would be locked up for six months. it’s a pretty strong deterrent for me. so im just worried..what might happen when that fear is gone. it is certainly NOT the only reason for my decision to be sober but the drinking tickets, seemingly ENDLESS court dates, jail time, all of that was definitely a big push for me in that direction. now im 21 years old and legal (as soon as i get off probation) to drink so… it’s just a change, i’ve been on probation the entire time i’ve been sober, and im unsure how im going to react to it. it may be a little foolish, but its been on my mind, so any input is appreciated.

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