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    Diligent preparation leads to outstanding achievement. What are you preparing for right now?

    In every moment, in every action, you are preparing yourself for one thing or another. Prepare yourself for the life you desire to lead, and it will come to be.

    Opportunities are constantly coming your way. Yet in order for them to be of any value, you must be prepared to take hold of those opportunities.

    The sooner you begin to prepare, the more you can achieve. Being prepared gives you considerably more options, and puts time on your side.

    Live joyfully and completely in each moment, knowing that you are preparing yourself for the times to come. Build one day upon another, with focus, positive intention and purpose, and you’ll build a life that’s truly spectacular.

    Each moment is your opportunity to prepare yourself for reaching higher and higher levels of fulfillment. Prepare well, and your life will reap many great rewards.

    — Ralph Marston

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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