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    Hi All,

    I have been sober for 22 years 🙂

    Over the last few years I have developed a severe anxiety having to go to the dentist.

    Last September I could barley sit in the chair as I was getting a cleaning and checkup. The dentist then told me a I needed to get 2 crowns that would require 2 hours of work. This news did not sit well with me.

    I tried meditation and read other sources to help with this issue, but it does not seem to help. I called my dentist this week and let him know my anxiety. He said he could prescribe me Diazepam (Valium) that would help me be calm for the 2 hours of work.

    I have a strong sobriety and take it very seriously(as most of us do). I am also very cautious about what I put in my body as well. Coffee is an exception, only 2 cups a day , I swear :)!

    I also have read online that Diazepam should not be taken by recovering alcoholics/addicts. The information I can NOT find is; can this be a one time thing? I will not be prescribed something that will be used on a regular basis which all of the information is based on regarding a possible relapse. Does it matter if alcohol was my drug of choice and was never much for other drugs (except pot when I was younger)?

    I want to do the right thing and not feel guilty about it. I also don’t want to trigger a relapse trying to get my teeth fixed. I sure hope there is someone out there that has been through this (or know someone who has) that can provide guidance and support .

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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