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    Please read this if you have a pill problem, it might help you.

    I had a recent back injury, ruptured a couple of disks, ouch! I’m on some pretty high powered pain meds. I did THE worst thing. Fought with my husband so early in recovery that I ended up winning, AND losing.

    I quit taking as prescribed…again. So I’m almost out of meds. I’m off of the Kadian as of today, and not really scared of the withdrawals for some reason. I did the “crime” I’ll do the time needed to go through this…again. I’m so tired of it.

    I’ll also be attending an AA meeting, well, for now, I’m going to talk to the guy next door about setting up an NA or AA meeting for the area I’m in 😀 Maybe he’ll run it, and I wont be a newb, we’ll ALL be newbs. Perfect situation in my book, sorry, and no offense.

    At least I’ll lose weight during withdrawal.

    here..we…go, back to taking as prescribed. I might need surgery my back is so bad. It seemed to be getting better there for a bit, but it’s just morphine’s lies. I took more than necessary, and with the change in my antidepressant line-up, I decided to one up a pill. Ugh.

    We pillheads CANNOT EVER SUCESSFULLY STAY CLEAN UNLESS SOMEONE WE TRUST HOLDS ON AND DOLES OUR MEDS. That is the ONLY way. I’ve discovered this what seems a million times, yet I keep right on doing it, it’s ridiculous. I know I’m going to feel terrible. My girls having a party while I’ll be going through em, the last of them, but through them. So, I’ll be saving a suboxone I “hoarded” (that’s a RED FLAG people) If I need it to get through it, I’ll take it. No need to ruin my kid’s party 🙂 :a122:

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