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    Today is day 53 for me since I had my last drink. In those 53 days I have put on 15 kg or 33 pounds (2st 5lb) in weight. I can’t stop eating. My appetite has gone mental. I’m even eating a packet of crisps as I type this. I know the answer is to eat sensibly and exercise more, which I intend to do (starting tomorrow), but I’ve turned into a human dustbin. I’m a little alarmed by this turn of events. I’ve even had to buy bigger trousers.

    When I was stopping drinking I told the doctor I hadn’t been eating properly. She said that that was because I was getting most of my calories from alcohol. My blood test showed low B12 vitamin results too, so she put me on a vitamin supplement. (My blood test was a disaster all round really. She actually looked a bit surprised and said “you must have been drinking a colossal quantity!” )

    My girlfriend told me that when I quit I looked like a corpse. I’m 6 foot 2 and weighed just under 85 kg. Not really corpse-like but I am a fairly hefty build. Now I’m pushing the big 100kg.

    The question is: did anything like this happen to any of you? I’ve read quite a few accounts of people getting into shape and joining gyms and running marathons and entering the Olympics after quitting, but can’t remember anyone saying they’ve turned into a lard-arse who can’t stop thinking about food. I mean, it is still rather a novelty for me. My girlfriend used to get sick of taking away plates of food I’d hardly touched. Now I lick them clean.

    Is this unusual?


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