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    This is day one off norco…1pm will be 24hrs. 10mg 2x’s a day for 3 weeks but last fall addicted to oxy (withdrawls sucked) Can anyone that has experience with Norco / lower doses / shorted use time let me know how withdrawls went for them? When did they start? How to deal. I know exercise is recommended but I can’t do a lot cuz I smoke cigs like crazy and short exercise can’t breathe. That’s my next habit to kick but not right now with this going on. I quit alcohol for 6yrs once and now almost 2 years and it was sooo much easier for me then this. Could be cuz alcohol not in house but husband’s pills (medically needed) are here. Can’t tell him I know where they are cuz he will know I once AGAIN have been stealing his pills….taking a lot of will power right now and I don’t even feel bad yet. I’m on clonazepam for high anxieties so they help I hear and also anti depressants for severe depression. If anyone can give me info on this I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

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