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    For those of you who have gone for marriage counseling – How do you pick a good counselor? Do you find one who has addictions counseling experience or not?
    On my previous thread – questions about AA, many recommended marriage counseling and I stated that he refused to go. Last night after yet another big argument caused because he chose to forgo his meeting to visit with our son, he finally agreed to go. I say the missed meeting caused the argument because he was MEAN and NASTY over missing it and I got defensive about him blaming me. Wrong – I know – and I knew it at the time, but I did it anyway : (

    Anyway – I feel as if I should find someone who understands AA and its principles because that’s the life he’s living. To choose someone not on that page would probably be unfair to him. Many of our marital problems stem from his ( in my mind) hiding behind AA and using it to avoid our problems. If I could find someone who could look at the program and our individual needs and help us find a balance, I think that would be best.

    Any insights from those of you out there who have found such a person to help you live a meaningful life with a recovering A? It’s important to me to do this right becuase I truly believe it is a last ditch effort at saving a 28 year marriage!


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