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    After doing some reading here I have some questions:

    I began drinking as a teenager. I have always had much more aggressive hangovers than my peers, even when we have drank the same amounts. Is is possible that my body doesn’t process liquor the same way “normal” people’s do?

    Should the fact that I would get so sick from drinking have been an indicatior that I had alcoholic tendancies?

    I have been able to quit drinking for short periods of time… sometimes as long as twenty or so days, but usually for about a week or two. How long does it take for your body to recover from the abuse we have put it through with drinking? I read the “what to expect” forum, and it was helpful, but I’m not sure where I fit into the picture.

    My drinking has definately gotten worse the past two years… it isn’t that uncommon for me to drink 3/4 of a pint of vodka in one night at least once a week. I haven’t progressed to the point where I am drinking all day long yet, but I have thought about drinking as a way to kill my hangover before. Like, “if I just have a few drinks it will make me feel better”, but then I end up drinking enough to get a buzz and end up feeling twice as bad the next day.

    I’m telling you, my hangovers are vicious. Which really says a lot about how determined I have been to drink… any normal person wouldn’t put themselves through the pain I cause myself.

    Does anyone know if someone who is pre-disposed to alchohalism tends to get sicker from drinking, or is everyone just different?

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