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    I quit drinking back in February of this year. I quit cold turkey after drinking for some 25 years. I came across this site the same week I quit. I found this site to be quite helpful,thanks.
    When I quit, my motivation went way down from my normal motivation. I did get back to some what normal after 6 weeks or so. Now I seem okay, but Iam bored sometimes and still don’t have the same motivation I had before.
    Last weekend I had 3/4 drinks on a outing with some friends. I did this on purpose to prove to myself I could have a few drinks socially and still remain not drinking which I have done.
    The strange part about all of this was when I woke up the next day, I had extreme motivation/energy like back some six months ago when I drank. I tackled painting some trim around some windows that I had been putting off for 3 years, it was a nasty painting job. I enjoyed painting this trim, my spirits were high, I was in a great mood, loaded with energy and high motivation.
    The next day, I was back to my normal motivation, which is still low.

    Has this happened to anybody else?
    Is this all in my mind, was it the alcohol?
    I had felt like my oldself on a great day.
    It was a really great feeling.


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