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    Howdy folks. A quick question on going cold turkey.

    About a decade ago, I stopped cold turkey after 20 years of heavy drinking, and didn’t take a drink for about 2 years. But for the past few years I’ve been back. Usually a bottle of wine or a 6-pack of strong ale (read: Beer-snob ;)) every night before bed, but sometimes more. But decided to try again, this time for longer if possible.

    I stopped 4 days ago. Tonight I was in the mood for a drink, so instead of heading out to the local shop, I went online and decided to read about the best ways to stop cold-turkey. Some of the stuff I’ve been reading is quite scary. Some articles mentioning the effects of withdraw, and how a lot of people die from it, and so on. And as far as I knew, delirium tremens was just the name of one of my favorite easily available Belgian ales!

    So here is the question: How long after going could turkey can I consider myself safe from the withdraw dangers? So far the only symptom I’ve noticed is that I had to up my caffeine intake from one to two cups of coffee per day in order to stay alert at work, but that’s nowhere near a dangerous amount of coffee anyway so I’m not scared of that. Some of the articles I read mentioned people suffering withdraw symptoms even after just 6 hours after stopping. But at which point can one say “well, I stopped X time ago, and so far no real symptoms, so I’m out of the danger zone”?

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