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    Well Ive finally convinced my family that I need to go. I think they have finally truly started to understand the gravity of my situation as I have exhausted all my efforts to get and stay clean with little success.
    Havent worked out the details of where I will be going yet but I have been calling places and setting up the childcare and whatnot with my family. Looks like I should be leaving around April 1.
    Of course Im scared, but really the word is relieved. I think Im going to do it this time. Here are some questions Im having:
    What can I expect to happen? Did it “work” for you? Were you reluctant to go?
    If anyone knows any reasonably priced places in the southeast that have a good reputation, let me know. Also Penny if you read this can you give me the name of that place one more time? Tried finding them on the net but couldnt.
    Thanks everyone

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