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    I developed an almost constant brain fog about the same time I started binge drinking 8 years ago. It feels like a pressure feeling in my skull that makes me unable to think clearly or remember even small things. Even my vision is off like I can’t focus. I have drank 10 to 12 beers every saturday night in a 3 hour period for almost the whole 8 years. In college I used to drink 19 beers every saturday and sunday night. So I am not as bad as I was. I have quit for 7 weeks total before but went back to drinking due to the brain fog getting really bad. Of course I still had the fog but not as bad. I have quit drinking again and it has been 4 weeks. The brain fog is starting to get bad again to the point where I can’t read a single line without forgetting what I just read. Has anyone else had severe brain fog due to drinking and does it go away pretty soon? I pretty much live like a hermit due to the anxiety and brain fog. Maybe I am just to impatient and need to give it more that 7 weeks. ANY comments appreciated. Thanks for reading my post.

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