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    Hello, Just signed up to get some help and info from people who have gone through quitting Vicodin. I have been taking Norco which is Vicodin 10/325 for 14 months. I started out taking the prescribed dose but quickly began to like the feeling it gave me allot so I started taking it more and more often. This led me to having to purchase extra pills on the black market since the 4 a day I was prescribed was not close to what I eventually ended up consuming in a day. I have maxed at about 12-15 Norco’s a day. After spending about $1200 bucks a month on the pills for the last 8 months I decided I have to quit. I new I was gonna run out and had 10 left on Sunday 12/20/09 I said the heck with it and ate all 10 at once and told myself that was it. Today is Thursday 12/24/09 and I have been going through it somewhat hard. It seems to come in waves, I’ll be fine for a few hours then I’ll feel like im gonna die, cold sweats high anxiety and severe cravings for it. its been 4 days now since I took any.
    I am just wondering how long before this starts to go away? Also I have 3 5/500 vics and am wondering if I should take one just to ease the pain for a little bit, but am afraid if I take one even though it is a low dose that it will screw up my quitting cold turkey. Any thoughts on it would be helpful. I really want to take just one 5/500 to ease the withdrawal temporarily but will this just make it worse and the withdrawal last longer?


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